I was inspired by a Facebook post of one of my friends that asked us to embrace our heavier, imperfect older bodies. I want to feel comfortable in my body. But, always, my belly gets in the way.

This is my belly. On my more humorous days, I call it…

The last rhino finishes her only race in dead last

Part III: The Runs

“Look, it’s Elaine!”

My dad is pointing at the television, where the Robin Williams Jumanji is playing. It’s the scene where the aunt has jumped out of her car, unable to believe that a stampede of jungle and savanna animals is careening through the suburban street.

“Ha, ha, very funny,”…

The author, age 14

Part II: Because Puberty Isn’t Bad Enough

I can remember the exact moment I realized that the image we have of our body in our head is not necessarily what others see.

I had two friends over, and we were probably eight or nine. Back then for some reason, I loved leotards, though I was neither a…

The author eats on the itchy brown couch

Part I: A Nervous Stomach

The vomiting began on or around my birthday.

I don’t remember now which birthday, probably eighth or ninth, but I do remember the sort of indignation that comes when you are a child whose special day has been spoiled by something mildly irritating.

Except, this wasn’t merely an irritating illness…

We sat in the pastor’s office with a set of surveys to judge our compatibility. It was one of those fill-in-the-bubble tests where you answered things like “On a scale of 1 to 10, children are important to a happy marriage,” or, “True or False: It is important to me…

Back in the mid 90s CD players were just taking off. I saved months of babysitting money to buy a tiny boom box with a CD player and dual cassette deck. On the player was a new button, labeled “Repeat.” What did this button do? Why was it there? …

Elaine Betting

Recovering librarian who needs an outlet for all of the ideas whipping about my brain

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